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It is right to say doctors are demigod. They are gods with wonderful weapons like scissors tweezers and other surgical instruments.They spend their whole time in the hospital ,saving lives of people and also doing social works by neglecting their personal life.Now a days doctors are changing.Though technological advancements and advanced study materials have helped groom better doctors,It has also made the doctors more greedy.They first ask for money and then go for treatment.Due to this,many patients have died in front of their eyes even.So this type of nature should immediately change
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Docctor's are always named as The God. doctors are gentle, you can tell anything to them. your problems and they surely get the rid. but in some hospitals, there're criminal doctors, if God will become criminal, we're not got to believe this, not in private hospitals, only in that hospitals where police and reporters aren't active. they're too criminals, they sell our personal things, like heart, kidneys, and too personal things too. but docs aren't bad in every place, they're good as they're bad. but think before you do something, be aware of these things.