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I think the main function is carried out bu the riboseme which has the function of the protein production.
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5. Ribosomes - The Ribosomes is involved in protein synthesis.It consists of two sub units.Protein synthesis primarily occurs in the ribosomes. The ribosomes may be found freely floating in the cytoplasm or may be found attached to the ER.
6. Lysososmes - Lysososmes are referred to as suicide bags of the cell. They are involved in clearing the unwanted and waste materials from the cell. The lysososmes contain hydrolytic enzymes that are destructive. they kill the toxic materials of the cell time to time.They engulf materials like damaged organelles, virus, bacteria and food particles.
7. Vacuole - The vacuole is a large empty storage organelle. They store excess water or food. It is present in many numbers withing the cell floating in the cytoplasm.
Functions of the Animal Cell

The cells perform various activities with the aid of the many cell organelles. These cells function together as a unit and form tissue. group of similar cells form a Tissue for example Muscle tissue ( cluster of muscle cells ), A group of similar tissues join together to form an Organ for example stomach, Liver etc. A group of similarly functioning organs group together to form an organ system for example Digestive system, Respiratory system.
The nucleus is referred to as the heart of the cell. The nucleus houses the genetic material of the organism which is the DNA. DNA replication and RNA synthesis occurs in the nucleus. It regulates the activities of the other cell organelles thus a very important cell organelle. The cell nucleus is bound by a definite membrane called the nuclear membrane that separates the nucleus from the cytoplasm.