Water water everywhere
but not a drop do we spare...

a very good day dear teachers and friends it gives me pleasure to speak on water as a source of life and inspiration...

man mainly has 3 basic needs: food, water and clothing
about 65% of our bodies are filled with water

water is essential as it quenches our thirst and helps in the efficient functioning of our body
without water it is likely that man will not survive

so it is very convincing that water is a source of life

as for inspiration water plays many roles..
water is shapeless in nature telling us to be adjustable with life's tasks
water keeps flowing even when there are pebbles or stones on its way:
it never stops... this means that we should never run away from difficult situations but face them
we should keep progressing higher and higher till we reach our goal

i would like to conclude by saying

when there was water
did we ever bother???
when we had a chance
did we ever glance
let us save water and live better...

thank you
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