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Ali was an old man
he had a daughter named miriam
who had left years ago
ever since he was always hoping for a letter from her...

ali used to go to the post office often but never received a letter from her
he wore his tattered cloak and went to the post office
he was getting old and he knew he would die soon
he was a patient man
he missed  his daughter and the post office gave him emotional comfort

he used to go early in the morning wearing his tattered cloak
trying to shield it with his body every now and then
he went at a slower pace supporting himself with his staff
he was always filled with the hope of getting the letter from his daughter today
the post office seemed to him a pilgrimage sight
he was always filled with joy at the sight of the post office
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The post office was the pilgrim of Ali's life. Every morning at four, Ali would walk to the post office, crossing all odds and whether. In the dawn sounds of a bird's chirp or the foot steps of  labours going to work early would help him on his lonely journey to the post office. Sometimes he would hear women singing or sounds of grinder. And so facing against the chilly winds, shattered hopes and insults Ali with an infinite faith would walk to the post office.
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