Now a days such cases of the common people being fooled by fakes sadhus and monks. Dharma and religion has almost a game. 
Its a shame on our society. We often find sadhus making fake claims of power and magic, but these are simply mere tricks used to be fool us. And our citizens even after being aware, turn blindly to these cheats. In fact these ideas have grabbed our minds so much, that even if we know the truth we don't care.
Recently a Sadhu had boasted of being able to meditate in air, and it was found that he used a narrow pole covered under his shawl and sat on it, while apparently it looked like he was in air. 
Also, in old times Sadhus were known for curing jaundice, and a yellow liquid would flow from hands of patient when they were supposed to be curing. This yellow stuff was in fact, Mango juice.
When a astrologer is right about his prediction, we tend to remember him forever, but we don't even notice the hundreds of times when his predictions have proved false.
However there's spreading awareness about these practices. 
We all know that "Peekay" was a recent bollywood movie which aimed to dismantle such blind faith in false beliefs. 
We ourselves, as well aware future citizens of India should fight against this evil, and improve our society.
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