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31st may,2015
The Editor
The Mumbai Times
Subject : Involvement of children in reality show.
   I would like to express my views on involvement of children in reality shows.Now a days, television took the most of the time of the people. In television, reality shows took the top place. It also involves children below 15. I think, this is not good for them. children don't have maturity to face the problems. An environment in which kids find themselves surrounded by cameras much of the time has the tendency to make the challenges of growing up that much more difficult. It is the age to play and learn. Reality shows also affects studies of children. If government order that every children must have compulsory education at least upto 8th or 10th then what is the matter on conducting shows with studying children. Reality shows gives the children lots of pressure on elimination. if children under 15 working without proper education is child labour then reality shows? so, I request the government should ban the involvement of children in reality shows.
your's faithfully,

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