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A lysosome is a specialized part of a cell known as an organelle. The main functions of lysosomes are to get rid of virus and bacteria, digest food particles and other damagedorganelles, and help patch cell wall membranes. Lysosomes have special enzymes that allow them to do perform these functions.The word lysosome stems from the Greek words lysis, meaning destruction or dissolution, andsoma, which means body. They were reportedly discovered in 1949 by a Belgian cytologist named Christian de Duve, who also discovered peroxisomes and cell organelles. Lysosomes are sphere shaped, and contain many enzymes that are all classified as acid hydrolases. The functions of lysosomes are a complex topic, but overall they serve as the first line of defense within a cell.
Composition : 
A membrane bound sac made in the Golgi body and filled mostly with  hydrolytic digestive enzymes. 
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