1. How did the creatures of Bingle bog react to the nightingale's singing?
2. Which are the different ways in which the frog asserts his importance?
3. Why is the frog's joy both sweet and bitter?
4. Why was the frog angry?
5. How did the frog become the unrivaled king of the bog again?



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1.      When the creatures of Bingle bog heard the nightingale for the first time, they were enthralled. They clapped like never before and gave their applause.
The frog tries various tricks to assert his importance. He first says that he is the owner of the sumac tree. Then he boasts about his baritone voice. He also says that he is a guru of music and is the only one who can properly train the nightingale to make her a super star.
The frog finally succeeds in killing the competition to reclaim his monopoly over the swamp. In this way, his joy can be termed sweet. But the way he exploited an innocent creature shows the bitterness hidden underneath.
After the audiences turned in thin attendance, frog’s earnings dropped sharply. Hence, the frog was angry.
The nightingale was exhausted because of all the labour and agony she was going through. Finally, the nightingale died out of exhaustion. Thus, the frog became the unrivalled king of the bog again.
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