What will be the passive voice of ------ 1. why are you laughing at me?
2. who is making a noise?
3. we were taking a test in english.
4. why has Mohan come late?
5.Had he not already seen the zoo?
6. Tell him to leave the room.
7. Let there be no noise.

1 why was i laughed at you.
2.by whom was a noise made.


1. Why am i being laughed by you?
2. A noise is being made by whom?

1) why i m being laughed at by u ?
2) by whom is noise made?
3) a test of english was taken by us.
4)mohan why are u late?
5) has the zoo not already been seen by him?
6) tell him that the room should be leaved by him.
7) let the noise be not made.
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