Nowadays people do not prefer to use bus although it is cheaper than private vehicles because people want to save their time and some of them use local or metro trains because it is cheaper than bus.In summer days it is more difficult to travel in bus because it will fully pack and in the bus stand u have to stand for a long to get bus whereas in trains there is a train in every 5 minutes so it is easy and in private vehicle it is nothing to say because when your mood say to go you can go .There is one more disadvantage of bus that some people have vomiting habit when they travel in bus.That's why people don't travel in bus
People don't prefer buses because of their privacy. they have their own private transport. buses actually don't drop the to their exact location. the have to walk a distance to reach their location . bus is a public transport anyone can travel in it. the rich people dont want to travel in bus because poor people a;so travel in bus.