Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has visited the neighbouring countries to have a healthy relationship with them. As a student if you get a chance to visit your neighbouring countries what will be your role
to have a healthy relation with them in future.

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For a bright future of our country , i will do all the possible things which can keep the relations with the neighbouring countries very durable . I will show respect to them and also esteem their architect , tourism , and their mythology . i will not disrespect their  faith , belief and i will try to accept their religion . I will do things which would help others and which would increase the fame of my country . so as a student , i think i can do these.
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I would do things to strenghen bonds of both countries
i would ensure proper relationship
i would impress or surprise them using my talents
i would propogate our rich heritage and culture to them and also listen to their heritage and culture
i would disscuss about important topics like education,employment,finance etc
not to a deep extent and i would enquire everthing good about that country like projects,rivers,dams,solar camps etc
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