The terrorists that come to India  are mostly pakistanis . i don't know why they are so selfish while they shouldn't be they do not let indians to even enter pakistan as they say this is only the country for muslims but we allow many muslims to stay here in India. Why do they want Jammu Kashmir it is the head of our country how can we give them this. they mostly come and attack on people of India imostly in Mumbai.TRerrorist attack creates much fear to the people but we also shouldn't be scared of them a. and a strict action should be taken by the government against them. Afterall, they disturb our population. As many are killed in that attack.
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When we hear word 'terrorists' our heart beat increases . terrorists are the  ones,usually members of a group ,which advocates or uses terrorism .india has remained prey to terrorism since independence.terrorism expresses its malevolence through killing ,blackmailing,shooting,explosing,keeping single people as hostage,etc. as they enjoy no public support they try to achieve their ends through violence . they don't believe that problems can be  solved through negotiations.  the terrorists that attack india are especially pakistanis. their main aim is to get jammu and  kashmir . they at least don't think that how many innocent people in the way of getting their  goal. they don't have humanity or what ? are they devils ? it is a shame thing for our human species that one human can't understand another human's feelings. 

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