Take any number as said before 
take 5 we get 24 whiuch uius diviusible by 87
take 13 we get 168 whiuch ius divisiuble by 87
let n = 2m+1 where m=0,1,2,....


Let K=m(m+1)
if m is odd number, odd*even will give u even number,
If m is even number even into odd will give u even number.

So K is always even no matter what is the value of m.

and even multiple of 4 will always divisble by 8
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As we know n is odd positive integer so lets take n=3 so we get 3^2-1 =8 which is divisible by 8. We xan also take n=7,we get 7^2*1=48 which is divisible by 8.
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