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                              True beauty is born through freedom

Where does the true art or the most exceptional music come from? How does one tap into their inner self in order to bring them to the world? Soul and heart.

        Being able to move other people, to play on strings of their emotions is something that could only be achieved by putting yours in the creative work. Just like the bird, that Princess September put in the cage, no artist or musician would be able to work under confinement. We need to remember that music is a reflection of what a musician feels. It is not that hard to imagine then, how would world's music sound like, if it was all written from a cage, is it not. 

        Is it all though? I do not believe that. For me, the Princess' bird is not only symbolising an artist, it is a disguise for the art and music itself. Those amazing things cannot be shut down, cannot be limited. History shows, that every time rulers tried to bind music to their will and order people to listen to what they thought was appropriate, it was always able to find its way. 

        To wrap things up, I would just like to say, that music resonates with souls and those souls will always find a way to find their rythm. 
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