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Relationship between kabuliwala and mini

ans=they were like a best friends.the man would use to tell her that his basket contained delicious items and Mili was very impressed by that.Slowly they became good friends but one fine day the man gets arrested after he was released from the jail after many years Mili had turned into a lady and when the man goes to her she fails him to identify and like this the story comes to a tragic end

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The kabuliwala and mini were best friends. At the starting during mini's childhood kabuliwala and mini would sit together in front of the door and share their secrets and had lots of talks. Mini after some time became like kabuliwala's daughter. When kabuliwala was jailed for a long time for stabbing a person, during this time mini grew up and made friends with other people of the same age and slowly mini began to forget kabuliwala. When kabuliwala was granted bail he still at that time did not forget mini and went to her house to see her.
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