Water is important in a cell as the cytoplasm consists of water and transports food and other waste substances in, out and around the cells. Almost all the organelles are placed in the cytoplasm which consists of water. The human cell consists of 70% of water!!!! 
 The water is found mainly in the protoplasm, 
and here it plays vital roles in many functions, for example in metabolism in all 
organisms, and photosynthesis and support in plants. Humans cell consists are 60% water..  In humans, blood is used to transport food, hormones, oxygen, waste 
products and so on, and similarly in plants, sap is used to transport food 
and other substances. Both of these mediums for transports (blood and sap)are 
 mainly water, as this is the solvent which can dissolve the products to be transported. 
Blood allows oxygen to be transported to tissues, and waste products to be 
quickly removed. It also facilitates the transport of hormones, to control various organs. 
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