The Vividh Bharati station of All India Radio, Delhi, broadcasts on a frequency of 1,368 kHz (kilo hertz). Calculate the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by transmitter. Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum does it belong to?

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i think this question is from pradeep fundamental books


Frequency of  signal= 1368000Hz
wavelength of signal=c/v
wavelength=3x10^8/1368x10^3=0.00219 x10^5=219m

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Wavelength = λ
frequency = ν = 1,368 kHZ
     c = speed of light = v * λ
   λ = c / λ = 2.98 * 10⁸ / 1, 368 * 10³
     = 217.83 meters

it belongs to  Micro waves..or radio waves region... high frequency HF or Medium Frequency MF region.

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