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As the old saying goes, "where there is a will, there is a way", anyone who is strongly determined to do something, never fails to do that, finally.

It's the same in case of education.
In the world today, education is given the first importance. So, to educate people finely, governments of various countries have established as many schools as possible wherever necessary. There are schools even in under developed areas to educate children and raise their standards.

India is still a developing country. There are lots of places in our country where people could hardly get some good food due to lack of sufficient money.
Yes, poverty is still a major problem in India. But, not to make this poverty a reason for illiteracy in India, the goverment of India has established many government schools to educate below poverty-line childern without expecting anything in return but good conduct from them. Pens, books, uniform and food in time are provided to the children for free of cost. There is no burden for the parents at all.

As we know, there are many people who had studied in government schools and now in extremely prestigious posts worldwide. They are our rolemodels. They might have not got all the facilities and equipment to attain proper education successfully. Yet, they are well settled now. This clearly shows that what is priorily required is interest for getting educated and strong will power to overcome the hindrances we come across during the journey.

According to me, poverty is definitely not a hindrance for education. Parents below poverty-line, instead of making their children stay at home or taking them along to work, should send their children to school for proper education. They should clearly understand that only when their children get educated well, they'll be able to lead a much better life, further and thence, should let their children study.

Young India, of course, wants properly educated children. Hence, it has given it's children all they need for a proper and healthy education. It's our, children's turn to study and prove! ;)
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 Poverty is a hindrance to getting educated. Many poor persons cannot go for higher education because their living conditions and culture does not allow them to study peacefully and compete among the best educated persons .there are social welfare organizations to provide help.  Also, many people show respect and help for those who want to get educated.people are understanding the importance of education and so poverty is not a hindrance for education....
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