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soil and water conservation measures:
            the water shed committee identify sites for soil and water conservation structures and other measures.Soil and water conservation measures implemented by farmers in individual fields were broad-bed and furrow (BBF) landform and contour planting to conserve in situ soil and water, use of the tropicultor for planting, fertilizer application and weeding operations, field bunding (38 ha), and planting Gliricidia on field bunds to strengthen bunds, conserve rainwater and supply nitrogen (N)-rich organic matter for in situ application to crop.

waste land development and tree cultivation:
           Common wasteland treatment was done by planting custard apple saplings, Gliricidia saplings and avenue plantation as a part of village afforestation program.
integrated pest management
integrated nutrient management
nutrient budgeting
worm farming to boost income
village level HNPVproduction
reduced run off and soil loss
improved ground water levels
improved land cover and vegetation
increased productivity
changes in cropping pattern.
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