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1)The government in their first year has shown no sign of development.
2)The most popular initiative of the government that is 'Clean India Initiative' or the 'Swach Bharat Abhyan' was very popular,but people no longer care about the cleanness of their own country.
3)The price of petrol is increasing due to the excise duty placed by the government.It can be removed as there is no use of placing such things.
4)The government is not able to pass the most important bill that is the Land Acquisition Bill.The government must pass this bill in order to do development.For Land Acquisition Bill they must work on the suggestion given by the opposition.
5)The PM must stay in India and do some work rather than going on foreign tours.
6)The PM must take strict action against the cabinet ministers like the minister of Human Resource Development who are not doing any work.
7)The PM must allow the cabinet ministers to work for their own department without interference for the PMO.
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