Causes= Epidemics relating to the spread of infectious diseases are caused by the lack of knowledge on specific ways a germ is transmitted and the ability for treatments to be effective in controlling the spread of the disease.  There are viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa  classifications of disease organisms.  Each strain can mutate when exposed in the human body or other living organisms and and form new strains of that disease. It is very difficult for scientists and doctors to keep up with this as many environmental factors can influence mutations also. So because of this, until new sanitation preventive measures and treatments are discovered, many diseases spread quickly resulting in an epidemic. Examples of these can be found on the link below the Center for Disease Control.
Make sure you know what type of sickness it is and if you have had it before.If you know this, then you can tell how much caution you should take.
2.Know who has this illness and what precautions they are taking to not spread it.
Get the vaccines for the illness. Many times, clinics will give out free shots to the public to help protect people from the epidemic.
4.Take proper precautions and listen to the news for info on the spread of the disease. Keeping informed may pay off in the long run.

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