Role of government-
Rights related to physical security[protection of life]
Rights related to basic necessities of life[food,water,clothing..]
rights related to other economic ,social and cultural protection[access to education,compensation of lost property,work etc
Govt should  tk  the help of international n navy for fast and efficient rescue.
First govt should ensure public safety,2nd all levels of govt should act promptly in each victims case.
govt should provide immedite homes and jobs to the homeless nd jobless..
The govt should start planning for construction of damaged roads,broken street lights,fallen trees obstructing pathways...
govt should also provide sanitation 4 da public.
 Role of local people-
People in and around the locality who are not affected ..should participate actively in helping the victims by either providing money to the ppl in charge of the area or helping govt in transport,food or other small activities.
The people should be sure in informing the NGO's  so that they can get more help and more aid.
The people around should use helplines and trace the victims for further help.
Most of all the ppl  affected should not panic..instead try their full in informing their relatives,friendsetc 'bout d disaster.

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u can sent more of role of people plzz its very urgent