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Have you encountered any situation where you quickly wanted to convert your array to ArrayList or ArrayList to array in Java? I have faced many such situations which motivate me to write these quick Java tips about converting array to ArrayList and ArrayList to array in Java. Both array and ArrayList are quite common and every Java developer is familiar with this. Former is used to store object and primitive type while later can only hold objects. Array is part of standard Java fundamental data structure while ArrayList is part of collection framework in Java. Most of the time we store data in form of object in either Array or ArrayList or sometime we find either of them suitable for processing and we want to convert from one array to ArrayList or ArrayList to array in Java. This short array to ArrayList tutorial in Java will explain how quickly you can convert data from each other. So when you face such situation don't bother just remember this tips and you will get through it. If you compare array vs ArrayList only significant different is one is fixed size while other is not. This article is in continuation of my post Difference between Vector and ArrayList in Java and How to Sort ArrayList in Java on descending order. On related not from Java 5 onwards ArrayList class supports Generics in Java, which means you can convert an ArrayList of String into an String array or ArrayList of Integer into an Integer Array. Generics provides type safety and remove casting during runtime.......

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