Since pests can be insects, mice and other animals, unwanted plants (weeds), fungi, or microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, they can conceiveably totally destroy an entire crop if left untouched. Most farmers determine what level of infestation is economically acceptable before considering treatment. There are many practices of control, suppression, and elimination from which the farmer can choose
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Pests and diseases can affect crops and have a serious impact on the economic output of a farm. Farmers should vary their prevention and treatment methods depending on the crops they grow and the pests or diseases they are susceptible to, as they affect crops differently. Farmers also need to ensure that they balance pests and disease prevention and treatment methods against damage to the environment.This guide covers how to control pests and diseases in different types of combinable crops. It will explain how to spot early signs of certain diseases, the symptoms that they show, and how to prevent certain diseases completely and reduce the effects of others.
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