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                 Games are very important in our daily lives. because they give physical exercise to our body. and also give mind relaxation such that our stress will be gone. recently pullela gopichand also got padma bhushan and dronacharya award in those games category.  We get the more concentration power through this games.
                       Through this games we can know our stamina and strength. We can met new friends through games. they helps for good blood circulation. it is a good exercise to our body. Through them, we can do exercise , we will be a healthy person. It is not easy to gain the badminton sportsmanship. It needs a lot of practice with dedication and determination.                
                                     Hence according to me, games have a great value in our life .And also to promote them, various organisations are opened . Long terms national sports policy are taken up  by the government to promote sports especially for these type of games. in vijayawada too recently a big practise station was opened.                                                                                   Today many people are engaged in this sector only. Governments are giving a boost up competition between men and women in the sports. the women like saina, sindhu, sania, mithali etc and the men like kashyap, kohli, etc were became famous through these games. active participation in these sports are very necessary on now a days.
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Participating in sports/physical activity develops the 5 components of fitness, which are: strength, speed, skill, stamina and flexibility.
When we are under stress from personal problems, work pressures and anxiety, apart from the fitness benefits, exercise through playing sports helps release pressure and tension in a healthy and controlled way.Benefits of engaging in sports or physical activity:Sports are funHeightens sense of overall well beingImproves sleep patterns and levels of anxietyClears the mindDevelops motor skills and mind/body connectionStaves off depressionReduces risk of many diseases
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