Well nature is the best teacher of the world .it tells us how to live our life and cope up with the ups and downs of the life . life is not a bed of roses , a well written statement emulate the reality of life u do not get anything without giving anything . u have to give ur sweat and a good labour and then life in return will give u the fruits of ur life.but it takes time. u have to be very patient . by chance if you do not get anything , u should not give up but should keep trying because if plan A fails there are 25 plans always be patient and u should be determined also to dedicate yourself in order to fulfil ur desire.
well above i have not describe about nature a lot. l
Nature remains to be the best teacher in the world, during old ages the people used to totally rely on   the nature , even for education ,The tress shows how to be sharing and loving, the mountains stand there not even resisting the harsh storm ,bees go thousands of kilometer for nectar-i.e if u havv will and determination u will surely get ur part