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Here is the full list of game engines in this article:Unreal Engine 4UDK (Unreal Engine 3)CryEngine 3 SDKSource EngineUnity3DLeadwerksTorque3DBlenderNeoaxisC4 EngineShive 3DPanda 3DEsenthel EngineiDTech 4Ogre3D (Rendering Engine)Irrlicht Engine (Rendering Engine)
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Hey there for making a game you can use many software.You can use C++ or java also.If you want easily make game you can use Unity 3D it gives good graphics.If you want not so good graphics but easy game making you can use stencil.Other types of software are Unreal engine,Cry Engine and the list goes on.I have use Unity and Cry Engine so I know that these software are easy to use.