Harappan civilization  or indus valley civilization is one of the greatest dravidian civilizations which began in 7000bc and ended in 1300bc
in that civilization indians means the early indians achieved their greatest glory
it is a civilization where there is no discrimination for girls
it is a civilization where the land is tilled by warrior-farmers
it is a civilization where there is futurestic technology
it is a civilization where trade flourished
but there are some disadvantages also
they don't know about the use of horse
they are innocent they belive what others said
there are city states in that civilization
like mohen do jaro
      dholavira etc
in 1300bc the aryans the persian nobles decived them and took over their kingdom and named them as low caste,deamons,rakshas and other bad names aryans are the people who bought caste systems and dicrimination for girls and other social evils to indian society

many archeologists say that dravidians or harrapans got killed in harappa because of some natural calamities but its not true it was aryans who killed them but some ran and built kingdoms in the south of india
some became slaves now what we call as sc and bc
some have gone into forests and they are the st

I am a dravidian and I am proud to be as a decendant of harappan civilization
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