This one's a scary one......The story goes thus: I was alone at home. My parents are gonna be out for the night in order to attend a wedding. I was thrilled to be at home alone. So the first thing that came into my mind was television. I switched on the TV and after a surfing through channels decided to watch a spooky movie.I was biting my nails through it but it was still fun.Then there was a power cut. I was scared. Then I heard some sound in the bathroom. With a candle, I entered the bathroom. To my surprise, I saw a shadow of a snake on the wall. My eyes were wide open. I quickly closed up the bathroom, called my neighbours, and told them about what I had seen. My helpful neighbours came to my house and opened the bathroom with preparation stuff. They saw a squirrel on the soap rack. I had mistaken the squirrel's shadow with the snake's. Everyone laughed at me. i had made a fool of myself. 
You can extend it with other details...borrow ideas from the movie Home Alone. hope this helped

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Mini was a chatty girl and liked to talk all day long.
Mini’s father’s conversation with Mini was often feisty.
Similar to love is the theme of waiting. Many of the characters are waiting for events that will most likely have surprising end. The young protagonists, both Mini and Rabiya are often waiting for the Kabuliwala who abandoned them to come back, but the fathers rarely return. The deserted Kabuliwala also is also waiting for the return of their daughter. Most wait for years, never to see their wishes again. For the characters in Tagore’s story Kabuliwala, life is disappointing and unfulfilled, with little hope for the future. But finally the little hope survives and Tagore’s Kabuliwala returns to his homeland.