AIM : To test the presence of starch in leaves.
MATERIALS REQUIRED :potted plant ,methylated spirit,leaf ,boiling tube,tripod stand,Bunsen burner,asbestos gauze,iodine solution ,petri dish.
 1.Let us take a leaf of a potted plant
 2. Boil the leaf in methylated spirit over a water bath till it becomes pale-white due to the removal of chlorophyll.
 3.Observe the leaf.
 4. Spread the leaf in a petri dish and add a few drops of tincture iodine / betadine solution to it .Again  observe the leaf.

OBSERVATION :The leaf turns blue black in color.
INFERENCE: The presence of starch will be indicated by a blue - black color.
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To test the presence of starch in leaves take a leaf from a plant(we can select such plants that have soft thin leaves) well exposed to sunlight.
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