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                           MY VISIT TO THE SLUM AREA

SLUM... Why do people hate it so much? How is it there? What type of people live there.... These questions always flood my mind with curiosity. So one day i took up the courage of visiting a nearby slum and just taking a look of how it really is. Driving was a good idea for transport so i called the taxi. But later i realized how difficult it was to get trough the slum. The roads were bumpy, There were lots of pot-holes and the road was too narrow. So i got of the taxi and decided to walk instead. When i got of the road was dirty and filled with plastic bags! It was stinking and half of the road was a gutter. The people were poor there and they were fighting for houses(which wasn't even hut) The houses there were like tents, and not so steady ones! Some people were taking bath behind a wall which was about 20 inches wide and 5 feet tall!they wore torn up clothes and the women there were really weak.. no food, no home, no money.. It was so horrible there i could hardly stay for 3 minutes! Phew.. the smell was so bad that there were flies all over the place. Also there was a lady who was frying pagodas and many flies had fallen in it. Besides after all this i really needed a bath cause the smell had transferred to me and i was stinking really bad! just when i was about to leave a few people came to me claiming that they were selling toys and if i would like to buy one. I felt sorry for them looking at their condition so i bought a bouncy ball with polka-dots on it for my dog. Just after i payed for it about 5 people came to me, mostly women and begged for some money, Again feeling sorry for them i gave them $10 and rushed out before anyone else came to me. So i had already given out half of my cash so i didn't want to spend even a pie. I felt embarrassed to enter the taxi because of the gift the slum had given me (stink) but there was no other way to go home. so i told the taxi driver to open the windows. When i reached home, as soon i stepped inside the hole house started smelling. So i rushed to the bathroom to have a bath. That was much better than keeping the gift that slum gave me.
Thank you.
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Slum is a place which lacks hygiene and other facilities.For many time these places are related with poor .But the thinking of rich and poor divides the society. I visited a slum , it was densely populated , ................
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