23rd Oct, 1765 - Invention of the modern steam engine by James Watt
21st Dec, 1790 - Factory system Samuel Slater opened up the first factory which consisted of 7 boys and 2 girls between the ages of 7 -12. This began a movement to consolidate ones workers under one roof. By the 1860s, over 2,000,000 worked in factories.
25th Jul, 1814 - The first steam locomotive Invented by George Stephenson in 1814, the first rail road train was introduced on this day.
23rd Oct, 1855 - The Bessemer Process Thomas Kelly and Henry Bessemer invented a process which took the carbon out of iron and created steel efficiently. Thanks to the abundant resources of coal and iron, this process was used throughout the world to make steel. Due to strength and durability of this metal, it became a main ingredient in the Age of Industry.
23rd Oct, 1879 - The incandescent lightbulb Thomas Alva Edison invented a way to harvest light for long periods of time utilizing electricity.
23rd Dec,1880Distribution of electrical power Shortly after the incandescent light bulb was created, the distribution of this power became imperative. By December of 1880, both California and New York had power plants which lit areas of their major cities.