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According to the outline given, you can write the very famous story of " A farmer and his three sons ".
Here's the outline-
A old hardworking farmer -  three lazy sons who though farming was a back dated and petty proffesion-  farmer fed up with his useless sons - farmer's end nearing - tells his sons about a treasure hidden in his fields - farmer dies - sons embark on the search for the treasure - dig up the whole field but don't find treasure - sons angry and helpless - an old wise man advises them to sow seeds in the dug up field - sons do so - excellent harvest - sons earn a lot of money by selling the crop - hence they found the treasure of the fields and the three sons realise the importance of hard work.- No work is big or small.
Moral- Hard works pays.

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They concluded that no work is big or small. should also be there
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