In 1774 louis 16 became the king of france. he found the treasury empty and reasons for empty treasury are
1) long years of war
2) he helped 13 colonies of USA to gain independence from britain
3) cost of maintaining extravagant courts , army , palaces, government offices etc.
so meet his expences he raised taxes and only 3rd estate had to pay taxes which included peasants, farmers, small buisnessman and lawyers and also artisans
he also increased cost of bread which was main livelihood for people of 3rd estate
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till 1994 national assembly declares war against austria and prussia as these countries helped louis 16 to gain its power again by sending their military coups to destroy peasants crops and to destroy national assembly
1804 nepolean became king of france and annexes large parts of europe
1815 nepolean defeated at waterloo
In 1774 in france there was on 10 may Louis XVI ascends to the throne of france. when louis XVI became the king of France the people faced many problems because of him.
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