Some best ways to spend your summer vacations.
1.Going through online is one best way to have fun.
2.Listen to the lastest songs and watch movies.
3.Finding new friends in your social media.
4.Gather your friends and spend together.
5.Go for swimming in near by pools.
    6.If ur not interested in doing above things you can reffer some latest and interesting books.
    7.You can go for villages or for any tour foratleast 3 days.
    8.Explore new songs or create your own songs.
    9.Create various types of paintings.
   10.Or once again revise your class books.
  11.Go through the next year class books.

Some ways to spend summer vacations are -
1 go out for camping with friends.
2 Go for shopping with cousins or friends.
3 have late night parties and enjoy with buddies .
4 join some hobby classes.
5 hangout with friends .
6 help ur mom in house hold works .
7 vist some nearby good places.
8 Go out of station with family .
9 Spent time online .
10 watch movies , listen to songs,surf your computer.
hope it will help
hope it will 
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