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The Editor 
Hindustan Times 
 Dear Sir/Madam
Sub: Lack of safety of students in school bus.
Through the coloums  of your highly esteemed and widely circulated newspaper I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities  towards  the matter of safety of school students in school buses. 
Nowadays most of the school students travel to school and back to home by  school buses  and it is the duty of the schools as well as of the respective authorities to take  the responsiblity of thier safety.
We are coming across news that many school buses are meeting with accidents or drivers and conductors not behaving properly with students especially girls.
Drivers and conductors who are employed should be experienced and should not have any criminal records .Drivers driving the school buses should have licence.
I hope my this letter would awake the concerned authorities from their slumber. 
Yours sincerily
A concerned citizen

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