In 1789 france had been fully trapped it the budget crises.
In 1791 france had accepted their new constitution.
In 1791-1794 france had a revolution named french revolution.
In 1804 france had formed his first french empire.
In 1848 france there was revolution named february revolution.
In 1846 france Oregon was been taken out from france.
In 1815 france there was an industrial revolution.
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In 1789 french revolution started and louis xvi became king of france
in 1791The National Assembly completed the draft of the constitution
  1789Convocation of Estates General, Third Estate forms National Assembly, theBastille is stormed, peasant revolts in the  countryside. 1791 A constitution is framed to limit the powersof the king and to guarantee basic rights   to  all human beings.1792-93France becomes a republic, the king is beheaded.Overthrow of the Jacobin republic, aDirectory rules France.1804Napoleon becomes emperor of France,annexes large parts of Europe.1815Napoleon defeated at Waterloo
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