The moral lesson u learn from the story is that u should never give up at the times of adversity&  should always believe in your capabilities . it justifies the saying "where there is a will there is a way" beacuse sher singh never lost hope and was determines to take his bro kunwar 2 the hospital. He was the owner of a determined and courageous mind...

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The lesson we get to learn from this story is that whatever might happen one should never lose hope. like it happened in the case of the brave sher singh,
he had two choices, either he let his brother die like the other siblings or he takes him to the hospital to kalaghat which is 8 miles away from his place.
his father, sher singh bahadur along with other males of the village had gone out in the jungle for a big hunt.
in the mean time sher singh's younger brother kunwar was suffering from high fever which would lead to his death.
 the little boy sher singh chose the second option,i.e., to take his brother to the hospital.
in spite of knowing that there is danger in the jungle and a lot of risk in crossing the two rivers he went alone with his brother.
this short story written by Norah Burke justifies the statement 'where there is a will there is a way', as we see the little sher singh carrying his younger brother to the hospital , in spite of having all these risks of life in between.
he is really a brave boy and hence get the title 'bahadur'.
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sorry that is 50 miles not 8 miles
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