We are all born receptive to love, kindness and hope. As we grow up, we encounter the less hopeful, more challenging aspects of being human, including discovering that the things humans do at times can be hateful, calculating and unkind. Although this can turn us cynical or leave us feeling helpless, human beings are just as capable of the most incredible, amazing and wonderful kindness and love. If you're feeling a little jaded about where humanity is headed, here are some active ways to restore your faith.1Spend time with children. If you don't have children in your life regularly, you're missing out on the wonders of seeing the world through new, inquisitive and creative eyes. Children are less prone to willful blindness or inability to see injustices and problems. Just by being around children more, and really listening to them and paying attention to what they do, you can start to uncurl from your crusty shell of cynicism and let yourself become more childlikeChildren can cut through the layers of obfuscation which adults use to excuse stupid decisions, procrastination and inaction. Children also don't mind displaying a sense of awe about the world around them, constantly delighting in new discoveries and in making amazing new connections – between ideas, people and the wider world.Recognize in your time spent with children that we are born as blank slates, not for causing harm or trouble to others. Having a fixed view of human beings as cruel, mean-spirited and selfishly adhering only to what's best for each person is both unhelpful and generally untrue.
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Trust and faith. These two items are in very high demand these days. But, come to think of it, they've been in high demand throughout the ages, it is simply that we now, in this chaotic world we live in, are feeling it more deeply and closely.What is trust? What is faith? In many cases, faith is connected with religion -- faith in a higher power, belief in life after death, hope of a better world after this one. And what about trust? Trust we see more in the worldly realm -- trusting our neighbor, our loved ones, our children, our friends, ourselves… Yet these two qualities are now being severely tested. Due to an increasing media focus on violence, crime, etc., we have less trust in our neighbors, co-workers, children, etc. And also because we now have instant access to every dispute, quarrel, border skirmish, and war across the planet, we may have lost faith in a benevolent and loving God, as we have learned to ignore the small miracles that take place every day in our lives.
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