I have many relatives but my uncle is my favourite . He is old and have big mustaches which are white in colour. He is a man with big beard which covers  most part of his chest. He  is a nice and simple man. He likes simplicity and is very humble . He uses a stick to walk .I like him very much .He usually likes to wear white kurta and pyajamas. Even at this age he looks very nice and smart.

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My grandfather is a very elderly man. He is of the age 85 and he is very forgetful. He always dresses smartly, Even if he wears a lungi he looks good. His hair is always brushed backwards and is oiled everyday. Even though he's old he is very young at heart. His hair is also young.. Its always black with a little bit of white.. Which is also caalled salt and pepper. He has never dyed his hair because he feels that it doesn't look natural, And will only make him look worse( Even though it supposed to make you look younger). His face is  long and he has a light beard but its always freshly shaven. He is a tall man (about 6 feet tall) and he always walks with his chest out and back straight. He eats very little that's why he thin. But he is not so thin... He's healthy looking. He loves going for walks, and he loves animal too. He also likes children and loves to play with them.
i love my grandfather very much.

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