The President of India is the Head of State. The system of government of India is a cabinet form of government. The Indian President is, therefore, a constitutional head like the King or Queen of Britain—that is, all executive powers are constitutionally vested in him, although those are actually exercised and executed by the cabinet.In India the powers of the Union government are treated as the powers of the President because these powers are used in his name in pursuance of the constitutional stipulation under Article 53 which reads: The executive powers of the Union shall be vested in the President and shall be exercised by him either directly or through the officers subordinate to him in accordance with this Constitution.
President is the head of the sate and is considered as the first citizen of india
he nominates governors of all states and has a look in the parliamentary matters
he passes the bill without which the act is not passed
he has the power to nominate his vice president and invites ministers to our country
he has a look at reserve bank of india and also concentrates on the economic burden of our country
however without president a country cannot be run
he also stays in touch with election commission of india
he also controls infaltion on his part
the presedent has the best executive power in our country
we know that parliament is highest law making body in india