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There is usually no generation gap between grandparents and grandchildren. The apparent gap only shows itself with parents and progeny. This gap, even then, only becomes apparent when the progeny is in their teens and they are interacting more with 'thinkers' of their own age. The effect is control by your peers. Every generation goes through it. Lifestyle, fashion and interests are practically all created through interaction with ones peers. The problem is that the parents are now an alien force that 'don't understand'. The problem for the parents is that they put their own parents through it. The one cure for the 'problem', albeit a temporary problem, is communication. As long as one protagonist thinks the other doesn't understand then there will be no common ground. It's only when the progeny are flying solo in society, rather than living with an adult, that they start to see the ins and outs of a rather silly war. Your thinking doesn't change as you get older. Your fears are no different and your wants and needs are no different. It's just the way you perceive things at the time.