Arjun and Jaya are husband ad wife. Arjun is the one to decide where they go, what they do. Jaya
is a qualified chartered accountant and wants to work and contribute to family income. But arjun believes that it is inappropriate. It is a man's job to make all decisions an have control over the fiances.
Do you think what Arjun thinks is right ? Why are men seen as the bread winners ? What is the role of women in these cases ? What kind of stereotype is shown here ?



Because its old generation point of view which is followed now also.
Women must given chances and they must so there importance.
It is unjustice and discrimination.
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NO. Arjun is definitely not right in his way of thinking.
In olden days, only men were sent out for work and women were made to stay at home and take care of it. People used to think that men are strong and capable enough to work and involve in all kinds of jobs. While, women were considered meek and incapable. That way of thinking is still prevailing in some families even now. So, men are seen as the breadwinners.
But, as days passed on, women became much wiser and started coming out of their homes to work. In the above case, Jaya should oppose Arjun's way of thinking and try to convince him to change his mind and allow her to work.
Well, the steryotype shown here is Gender Bias.
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