Read the following passage and answer the following questions: A poor student, whose name was Niu, was once travelling to the capital city for appearing in examinations. He decided to stay overnight in a village inn. It was the depth of winter, bitterly cold. Snow fell steadily from a leaden sky. Niu rejoiced in the warmth and comfort inside the inn. He sat toasting himself before a charcoal brazier and ordered hot soup and dumplings for his supper. While waiting for the food to arrive, he drove the chill from inside him with a bowl of hot rice-wine. Soon he felt a pleasant glow suffuse his whole body. The brief winter daylight was almost gone when a man knocked on the door and was admitted stumbling into the inn. He was poorer than Niu. His clothes were almost thin cotton rags, which was no proof against keen weather. His cheeks were pinched, and he moved stiffly as though half-frozen. His lips were too numb to allow him to speak, but he cringed before Niu, obviously pleading to be allowed to share the warmth of the brazier. Niu quickly made a place for him, and the man stretched his hands eagerly towards he glowing charcoal and began to thaw out gradually. The landlord brought Niu’s supper, the steam from which tickled the nostrils with a delicious smell. Then he turned to the ragged newcomer and asked what he could do for him. “A bowl of tea, and a place on the floor for the night,” said the man, and the landlord grunted and went off to fetch the tea. Niu was filled with pity for this poor stranger. He pressed on him his own supper and, when the landlord came back, ordered more for himself. The stranger wolfed down the soup and dumplings in no time at all, and Niu ordered noodles to follow. “I have no money to pay for them,” said the man; but Niu insisted that he should accept them, and in no time five bowls of noodles had disappeared in the way the soup had. When they retired to rest, Niu tried to give up his own bed for the stranger to sleep on, nut the man would not accept it. He lay down on the floor at the foot of the bed and slept immediately. As if to prove his satisfaction with the supper he had eaten, he snored loke a bull all through the night. As dawn was breaking, Niu was brought into the wakefulness by someone gently shaking his shoulder. It was the stranger, who gazed at him with eyes full of affection. “Please come outside with me,” he said. “I have something to say to you.” Wonderingly Niu pulled on his boots and followed the man out of the door of the inn. In the cold grey light, the stranger turned to him and said, “I am not a human being, but an envoy from the underworld.” Seeing Niu’s look of fear, he added hastily, “Don’t worry, i have not come for you. But I am very grateful for your kindness to me last night....”
Predict what comes next in the story and further frame the story in your own words and also explain why you made that prediction? (150 words).



Interesting story...there are many ways I can take this story...a simple one for now..

Niu was shocked and stumbles over a rock and becomes unconscious...The poor guy(I am going to call him Kiu from now)...Kiu carried him back and treats him...niu is still shocked...but manages to ask Kiu why he was here...Kiu tells him that he is here to take someone with him, and that he cannot tell who that someone is to Niu. Niu goes away to wrtie the exam...and he sees his brother who ran away from his house long back there too...He also sees Kiu there...He wonders why he is there...and uns over to Kiu and asks him what he was doing here...kiu points at Niu's brother and says, " I have com eto take him" Niu is shocked and pleads to let his brother live, but Kiu doesnt listen to him and says, "Compassion is imaginary, I cannot afford to be kind for if I do, earth will be rampant" Niu is shocked...he runs to his brother and tells him to run away...his brother laughs and doesn't care...Niu tries to drag him away but his brother doesnt come...Niu out of anger oushes his brother, and his brother accidenty stumples and falls down the building...Niu runs over and looks down and he sees Kiu standing next to his brother's dead body...Kiu looks up and shows a "thumbs up" and touches his brother and both of them dis appear...

Niu sits and cries...but later Kiu comes back, Niu is furious at Kiu, but Kiu says, "Death cant see, cant hear, cant does its job just as it should, you can negotiate with it"

After this finish the story the way you want...hopefully I gave you a template to work on...

you're Welcome
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( the strangers name is tom )
niu in the fear feel unconsious. when he woke up he saw tom near him he again got scared and stated begin away from him .Tom said that he had nothing to with Niu. He has come here to take someone away. Niu was very very curious to know who he wanted to take with. next day he went to write his exam. When he came home he could not find tom so he searched and searched the whole house but could not find tom. he went to the park nearby and saw tom following somebody . Niu could not see the person he was following. he tried to see but couldn't .  Niu ran forward to see who he was following and saw his own mother he got scared and tried to save her. He came to her mother and said that she was in trouble and someone is going to take her away, but her mother thought that it was just a bad dream and that's why he is acting like that but when she was crossing the road niu shouted at her mother and said"mom listen to me"his mother looked at him she did not see a bus was coming . as she turned back again the bus hit her. Niu was in a great shock and started crying his  sister came to know about the news and started crying too.Tom saw them both he called Niu and said it was the fate that told me that your mother was going to die i could not have helped in the underworld it was written that she would die on this particular date.that is why i have come here to take your mother away after she dies.

after this try making your own because you should know what to do after this you can keep saddness happiness etc.
                hope you like it , if i have  written it well please comment on it
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