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1. The most common is using compass and follow the North direction
2.[Leaf Compass]If u don't have a compass handy then u can make ur own compass. Take a long leaf and a needle then find/prepare water without any turbulence. Then heat the needle. Place the leaf on water gently. when  the needle is quite hot place is gently and u'll find the north side where it points(For better results use the magnet of ur precious phone/ speaker to magnetize the needle)
3.Find the running water and follow the river. Mostly civilization is near water sources
4. [EXTRA : Sun Compass]U can also use a stick to know the direction(pretty tough though). Take a straight stick not much long. Now the length of the stick as the radius make a circle and place the stick straight up on the center. Then mark the shadow of the stick. After an hour or two mark it again. Join the two markings first marking is ur West and other is ur East. Then stand facing ur back to the line the where u r facing is ur North and opposite is ur South
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First I will be back to way by navigation in the mobile phone and it will help me out
Second if I don't have it then through walking i will leave something on the way .and whenever lost my way i will follow them and hence I will be on my way.
Third if both techniques fail I will cut a tree on the forest which will work as a campus (it's a technique of early people)and it will show me the direction . i will will get my way back .
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