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For many people who are addicted to nicotine the need to fund the habit unfortunately reduces the spend on necessary items, such as food and schooling for families. In some poor countries, as much as 10% of the total spend by the household is on tobacco. Smokers are also more likely to become ill, be unable to work or look after their family.
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Check with your local Ag agent if you are serious about it. 
 You'll need a lot of help with the planting, harvesting and bailing. This is all based on a fifty acre planting. Starting the seeds in a home made seed bed is a one man operation and will cost less than $200. to get enough seedlings to plant 50 acres. Figure another $4500.00 for misc. stuff (spears, racks, pesticides, herbicides, bailing equipment etc.) 
Right now here in Lancaster Pa the farmers are getting $2.00 a pound for Penlan 39, cigar, pipe and chaw. About $3.00 a pound for Maryland 609 cigarette tobacco. You'll need about 8 sq ft per plant.