Air pollution harms your lung tissues directly and weakens other important can make your eyes water,irritate your nose,mouth and can worsen lung diseases like asthma,bronchitis,etc. it can also kill.
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Not surprisingly, the areas with the worst air pollution are those around large cities. Because of the crowded city conditions and the large amount of traffic, these areas maintain dangerous levels of ozone all year.California has the most cities with air pollution despite the steps it has taken to ensure cleaner air for the residents of the state. Some of the most polluted cities are:Los AngelesBakersfieldVisaliaFresnoSacramentoSan DiegoMost of the other states do not have so many cities with air quality problems. Some other polluted cities in the United States:Charlotte (NC)Dallas (TX)Houston (TX)Knoxville (TN)Mesa (AZ)Phoenix (AZScottsdale (AZ)
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