The vacation, understood either as time free from work and other obligations like school and family care, or as time away from home in leisure pursuits, was rare for almost all children until the twentieth century. And yet in the last half of the twentieth century vacations increasingly became associated with the child in affluent societies. Vacations, in contrast to times of seasonal or trade unemployment or migration away from home for work, were and are largely unknown in agrarian and preindustrial urban societies. Not only were children necessary for daily farming and craft routines, but the idea that the young needed or deserved extended times free from work did not exist in these societies. The childhood vacation was a by-product of changes in work time requirements of households, increased affluence, and new attitudes about children's needs and rights to play and experience.
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My Enjoyment Vacation
I really enjoy in my last vacation. I always have been waiting vacations.The first reason is that I traveled in vacation to tow countries. I visited the most beautiful place in that country. Moreover, I saw the differences between countries, cultures, languages and nations.Another reason is that I attended lots of parties and I also went for visitations. If any one asked me to come for any party I can simply say," O.k I am coming".I also in last vacation I visited lots of my friends and stayed with them for a long time. Furthermore, I visited my relatives and slept in their home.The most important reason is that I have had lots of free time. In my free time I did whatever I want to did it. For examples, I went for shopping and beach with my friends. In addition, I was surfing the internet any time and chatting with my friends on the messenger. I read many novels , cooking book and English book. In conclusion, I enjoy in every second in my last vacation. I really like vacation time