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Discipline to me means self control. Self control is a characteristic that comes with wisdom and maturity. It is a trait that we are taught in the home, at school, in the military, and even in the workplace. Without discipline, self control, the world would be in chaos. If that were to happen, human kind would not survive at their current level. Discipline must be acquired early in life for success to follow. If parents do not discipline their children, then the children will have no idea how to behave in school. That makes it difficult for the teacher as well as the student. If discipline is not learned, the student will continually encounter difficulties in school which will carry over into their adult life...

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Discipline is the ability for an individual to have self-restraint and to behave and practice in a strict, controlled manner.Whilst discipline is an action, it starts with a decision in the mind and can therefore be positively encouraged and influenced. In sport an athlete needs to be disciplined in the technical, tactical, mental, physical as well as lifestyle areas of development. 

According to Johnny Lewis,” be 100% disciplined and you have a good chance of success.  Without it, you will never reach great heights whether in business or sport.” 

Ron Barassi talks about self-discipline amongst the team on the field, ”a lack of self-discipline can cost the team a game. In the end, it doesn’t matter unless everyone in the team shows this quality of self-restraint”. 

The same is true of lifestyle choices, according to Ric Charlesworth; a young athlete must have a disciplined approach to lifestyle and training. Inefficient habits and practices must be changed.
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