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Turmeric will turn pinky-red in alkali, but is yellowish in both acid and neutral solutions. 
So test some of your three solutions with turmeric, and the one that turns the indicator pink is the sodium hydroxide solution. 
Now that you know which is NaOH, mix some of thi, separately with some of the other two solutions. The one that gets warmer is the HCl - the neutralisation of HCl with NaOH is exothermic. There is no (rapid) reaction of sugar solution with NaOH so it shouldn't change temperature by much.
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Turmeric is a good indicator of acids and bases. It turns red in bases whereas it is yellow in both acids and neutral solutions. When we mix turmeric to the three liquids, sodium hydroxide turns it into red so we conclude that it is a base. Hydrochloric acid and sugar solution keep turmeric in yellow colour. Hydrochloric acid is an acid as already mentioned and sugar solution is neutral.
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